About Us

The Grand Canyon Institute (GCI) is a private non-profit corporation that provides non-partisan research and voter education activities as a centrist research center for the benefit of policy makers, media, and the general public. We serve as an independent voice reflecting mainstream American values and a pragmatic approach to addressing economic, fiscal, budgetary, and taxation challenges confronting all Americans with a special emphasis on Arizona issues.

Areas of research include:

  • Economic considerations before ideological considerations;
  • Economic recovery and shared prosperity;
  • Job creation and economic expansion;
  • Governmental performance and quantifiable outcomes;
  • Public and private partnerships expansion;
  • Economic impacts of changes in the revenue structure of Arizona;
  • Proper balance between state tax revenues derived from individuals and businesses;
  • K-12 education and higher education investmentsthat stimulate economic expansion; and
  • Stabilization strategies for Arizona‚Äôs fiscal condition to ensure that there are sufficient state revenues for the state to meet its basic obligations to its citizens in the areas of K-12 education, public safety, health & human services, universities and community colleges, and transportation.