Help Improve Arizona

December 18, 2016

Can 200 people give $200 each to take GCI one step closer to full-time?

Donate Today GCIThe Grand Canyon Institute began five years ago–we were a baby then–but we’re ready to grow up.  Help us do that by donating today (it’s tax deductible).


Don’t Scare Seniors with Prop. 206

October 14, 2016

Will  Prop. 206 increase in-home health prices 25 to 50 percent?  That’s what Mark Young,, President of the Arizona In-Home Health Care Assoc.,  suggests.  No.  Not even close.

A future with paid family leave?

September 14, 2016

With the Trump Campaign announcing support for paid family leave for mothers for the first time in a Presidential race both major candidates for President are publicly supporting paid family leave.

Taxes: What’s the Matter with Kansas?

June 17, 2016

In the last few years when states like California have hiked taxes on the rich, while Kansas slashed them—and comparatively California has boomed and Kansas plummeted. Arizona preceded Kansas with cuts beginning in 1994 that now total approximately $4 million annually—meaning our General Fund is about $9.5 billion instead of $13.5 billion, a pretty significant difference..