Fiscal Note HCR2060

May 7, 2024


HCR2060 striker would have the state of Arizona begin to do border enforcement activities in addition to what the federal government currently does by making it a misdemeanor to be in the state without federal authorization. For repeat offenders it is a felony. 

It would also introduce criminal penalties for seeking public benefits–presumably with fraudulent identification–as immigrants without legal standing are not eligible for these benefits. 

Finally, it creates a crime for sale of lethal fentanyl deaths as a class 2 felony and adds 5 years to the minimum and maximum sentencing guidelines.

It also adds criminal penalties for using false documents with the E-Verify system.

Collectively, GCI tentatively estimates the cost to the state of implementing this proposal to be in excess of $325 million annually.

Full analysis in download ink.

Note since the original strike-all amendment was submitted in early May, the bill has been amended and after it passed the State Senate on May 22, 2024, the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee also developed a fiscal note.