How Scary is Medicare for All? The Realistic Medicare for All Option

October 31, 2019


The Grand Canyon Institute (GCI) takes the fright out of Medicare for All. This blog puts forward an illustrative Medicare for All plan that costs up to $1.3 trillion and is paid for by a payroll tax for those opting in at a rate of 10.5 percent for employers and 3.5 percent for employees. It would be modeled on the current Medicare system, which includes supplementary and complementary roles for private insurance companies.


This Halloween, Medicare for All is one of the scariest things on the landscape for some.  In reality, it’s not as simple as proponents claim, and it’s also not as scary either.

Voters are being presented with a variety of plans while the media is emphasizing cost with very little attention given to systemic analysis.  In fact, the GCI’s informal polling discovered that most people not currently using Medicare are not very familiar with how it works.

This blog provides a brief overview of the health care plans proposed by leading Democratic candidates, discusses the current Medicare program, and then illustrates a Medicare for All Plan modeled after existing Medicare.