Impacts of a Higher Minimum Wage

July 16, 2019

Impacts of a Higher Minimum Wage


Dave Wells, Ph.D., Research Director

Key Findings

An analysis by the Grand Canyon Institute (GCI) finds that Arizona’s voter-approved minimum wage increase implemented in steps since January 2017 have largely benefitted food service workers in the state. Key findings from GCI’s research include:

  • 14% increase in food service incomes.
  • 19% increase in food service hourly pay.
  • No clear evidence of job losses in the food service sector.
  • Some evidence that average food service hours worked may have declined by about 1 hour per week.

In addition, other researchers have found evidence of side benefits of a higher minimum wage including reduced levels of debt, expanded credit access, reduced suicides, and reduced reincarceration rates.


Food Service Workers 2016-2018