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Do you have a burning question that you want to get to the bottom of or an issue that you want explored?  The Grand Canyon Institute can help!

Our research team is experienced in mixing both the rigorous analysis of big data with the powerful insights from individual stories.  Some of our notable research includes:

  • Medicaid Expansion – In the midst of intense opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the Obama Administration’s efforts to extend health care coverage, GCI’s research was instrumental in convincing Gov. Jan Brewer that by signing up for the federal Medicaid expansion program Arizona would benefit from a net positive financial return.
  • Charter School Oversight – GCI’s research showed that charter schools spend significantly more on administrative expenses than their public school counterparts, shedding light on the impact of insufficient fiscal oversight and transparency.
  • Proposition 206, Minimum Wage Increase – GCI’s economic analysis of the proposition informed voters before going to the polls; was used in arguments before the Arizona Supreme Court to decide the legality of the proposition; and, provided clarity regarding how much additional state funding would be needed by state disability providers to cover the wage increase.

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